Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to the Crazy Train!

RR Train Gr. Brit. (<span class=Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

All aboard! Welcome to the Yockman Crazy Train. I will be your conductor today.

Let me start by saying that last week I started feeling like crap. I think it was sinusitis, and I only started feeling human again yesterday. So keep in your head that I have felt like crap for 7 days. I am not a good decision maker when I feel like crap. I become incredibly bitchy (heh) and very short of temper...the one I don't always keep a leash on anyway.

So, I canceled on @nettagyrl Saturday for our writing date to stay home and feel better, and I got some writing done anyway. I did go meet DH at Wings-n-Things for lunch because I was hungry and did not feel good enough to cook. (Bad Decision #1). That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Afterward we went home where I managed to pour hot tea on my right hand by juggling the cat and the overfilled mug (Bad Decision #2). That shit hurt people! Then Saturday night we went to a friend's house (I know I had no business going out, but DH made the plans without consulting me.) and stayed out way too late. I also sat at their house playing dominoes and stuffing my fat little face with wavy lays and dip. (Bad Decision #3).

Then, on Sunday...oh wait, that was a quiet day, except I got up and we went grocery shopping. A necessary evil. I promise I am sharing all this for a reason...I am getting to it very soon I promise.

Monday. I wake up and push to get out of bed and go to work. I still feel like crap. Apparently I looked like crap too, my client told me so. I like her and it was true, so I didn't take offense. Now keep in mind I am pushing to get out of the house and make it to work. The cats are out and I am ready to go. DH is in bed and asks me to put the green yard waste can out to the curb. This is where the bitchy kicks in. I do it but we argue about it first cause I was super jealous he was still in bed.

On my way out the door (FINALLY! I am thinking to myself. LOL!) I notice a stray dog running in the street. Yes I am one of those collectors of stray animals. I can't help it. I'm compulsive about it. No collar? No tags? Sure you can come live with me! So I call DH make him get up and track the dog down. Our two cats (both rescues) are already out for the day so he brings the dog in the backyard.

DH hears a ruckus and checks on the dog. He sees he (yes it was obvious you pervs!) has a cat's claw in his forehead. DH gets nervous and starts looking for our cats to see if they are ok. the dog then falls into the pool and takes a swim. Nice. DH calls the kitties. Only Buster (left) appears. This is about an hour after I left for work.

DH starts to freak out. He is VERY attached to the fur. Like irrationally emotionally attached. He immediately assumes the dog attacked Flash and the cat is dying under a bush somewhere. He calls me very upset. I finally give in around 10:30am and tell him I am coming home. Between feeling like crap and now Flash is missing I realize work is not going to happen.

I get home and find DH in a panic and the stray Sharpe (sp?) in the back yard. He has been looking for Flash for nearly 3 hours by now, fell in the street scraping his knee and tearing his pajama pants (I am not going o discuss this unfortunate behavior I cannot modify). I should note our cats come when they are called. So his not coming was troublesome. This happened once with Buster, over night, and we gathered that he got caught in a garage from the musty smell when he came home the next day.

So Flash (right) is MIA and the dog is crying. Buster refuses to be anywhere near the dog and generally looks pissed about the whole situation. I finally get the dog scanned by the vet, he has a chip, and am able to return him (his name was Mickey) to his owners. Still no Flash. DH and I are thinking Karma's a bitch to not give us our cat back after the good deed with the dog (which we would have done anyway). This was one crazy coincidence happening here.

We finally assume we have another locked in the garage incident and think we won't see him until after 5pm. We go run an errand that had to get done and get home to no cat. We call again for another hour and then finally he comes beelining up the street to the house. Well, DH nearly collapses in relief.

Ecstatic that our newest baby is back, we decide to celebrate. We are going to the kitchen. The kitchen is Chilis. We know the bartenders there. They know us. It's not good. (Bad Decision #4) I of course promptly justify fried food and beer with the celebratory sentiment of a crappy day ended happily.

So. As you can see, Monday was INSANE! I was already depressed (as evidenced by the pathetic blog post on my website), and then I had to deal with all of that crap. Despite all of this, I woke up Tuesday feeling good health-wise and mentally. So sometimes shit happens to remind you that life isn't so bad. On the other hand that reminder can be a bit of a #twitloss derailment.

The bad news is the 2lbs I tweeted about loosing on Monday are back and that means I am exactly where I started. Sigh. But I am rededicating myself to the cause and will push forward with a good diet and exercise. I swear!


Lynette on March 10, 2010 at 8:10 AM said...

And I thought my week was bad. LOL Shake it off. Everyone has bad moments. It's just as easy to jump back on the wagon as it is falling off.

Trish on March 10, 2010 at 8:57 AM said...

Oh wow! I would have swam in a pool full of chocolate, so no worries about messing up. You really deserved it. Chin up sweetie, next week will be better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynette!

Trish, It's already better, but Monday felt very touch and go! LOL!

suehussein on March 10, 2010 at 8:15 PM said...

Wow, yup the truth is stranger than fiction!! But.. it could have been worse, thought DH was gonna fall in the pool with the dog!! Now that would have been some story!! Hahaha!!The bad news is drama and stress is ALWAYS bad for dieting. All you can do is be glad it all ended pretty good. When you fall off the wagon, even if it runs you over, you have to get back on!! Every day is a new day, a chance to start over!! Atleast you're feeling a lot better!! Take care, Sue

Pearl on March 12, 2010 at 9:51 AM said...

Oh hon! You've had a really bad few days!
Hope you are in a better place by now! And as Lynette said: shake it off and just forget about this week. Next week will be better, I am sure!


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