Yep, this is me. Tiffany, aka - KindleVixen, mom of two girls, full time college student, and book blogger/twitter/tumblr addict. What the heck does one say in one of these intro posts? I feel like anything I write is going to be TL,DR. But oh well.

My battle with weight began after my oldest daughter was born, 10 years ago. I became a stay at home mom and got in the habit of putting kids, family, home first. Well maybe not home.... because lord knows I suck at house cleaning. Anyway, point is.... I put me on the back burner because I thought it was the motherly thing to do. We are supposed to sacrifice for our kids right?

Turning 30, changed my perspective a bit. Being a mom does not have to mean that I come last on the totem does mean finding a balance where everyone's needs are met, including mine. Over the last 10 years I had completely lost myself and was no longer sure who Tiffany was and what she wanted. That realization was surprising and painful. It pushed me to figure out what I needed to find happiness and balance in my life, weight loss is just one thing on that list.

Current Goals: (deadline Feb 20th, 2012
Diet Goals
**As paleo as I can within the budget. This means I'm not going on the never ending chase for completely pure beef or bacon, but I will do my absolute best to not eat soy/grains/legumes for the next 7 weeks. I will also limit my dairy to aged/hard cheese and greek yogurt only. I'd like to be comfortably paleo by the end of the year so this is step one. In exchange, I will not count calories and obsess over it.
Lose 15 lbs.

Strength training 3 times a week, continue on with Rebel Fitness Guide. I'd like to be completing level 3 by the end of 7 weeks.
Skate! I have new derby skates. Use em. Enjoy it.
Run a 5K in under 40 minutes. My first 5K was 45, the next is Mid february.
Step outside my comfort zone and use the university gym! I love my current gym but the membership runs out this spring, I'll have to move to the school gym.

Stick to the budget I've set aside for myself, preferably going under so that I can store money away for a trip I'd like to take in March.
A grades in all my classes at mid semester, practice good study habits. No procrastination!
Find a job, even if it is only 1 or 2 nights a week.
Spend quality time with my kids, especially since I will have less of it now.
Take underwear photos. Look at them. Accept it and know that I'm doing better.

The biggest challenge the next 7 weeks? Stop being so hard on myself.

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