Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday sounds like pie!

There are two things I should probably tell you right up front:

  1. I am NOT the most organized person you'll ever meet.
  2. I am not the most organized person you'll ever meet.

What that means, essentially, is that while I plan to have this blog written on Tuesday MORNING....well, I'm sure you see where this is going, right? :)

On a more uplifting note, this diet (I mean "lifestyle change") seems to be working this time. Granted, I never really tried this hard before, but progress is progress. I joined a gym mid January and I really like it. Do I go everyday? I also have countless walking videos at home AND a treadmill. The funny thing about the treadmill, though, is that nothing happens unless you turn it on. I've had this treadmill for five years, and only this year have I been consistently using it if I don't go to the gym.

I've always liked to move, though. Ok, I've always liked the idea of moving. Oh all right! I've always liked to watch sports. BUT, when I'm watching sports I feel like I'm exercising.

You're beginning to see why I need to do this, right? Let me put the other piece of the puzzle together for you: I love sweets.

Pie. Cake. Cobbler. Donuts. Ice Cream. Cookies. You name it. I love it. It started when I was little and it has not gone away. So, realistically, I can't expect to cut it out completely now. I'd love to, I really would. I have friends who never order dessert when we go out to eat. I know I will never be like that. But, I am learning (I think) the meaning of the word moderation. A food scale might help with that, too. Forced moderation?

So....what are my goals? Well, Romantic Times is at the end of April, so I need to lose 54 lbs by then! My metabolism better get a move on because there is no time to waste! Yeah....that probably isn't going to happen, is it? Damn. In that case, I guess I'd better hope for a more modest 20-30lbs by the June 1 #twitloss deadline.

Who is helping me? Well, this blog (and all of you) for starters. There is nothing like public accountability to keep a girl on the straight and narrow! (Romantic Times sexay cover models are also a good motivation.......) SparkPeople is also helping. I love it for keeping track of what goes into my mouth (minds in the gutter yet? Goooooood!) It also keeps track of exercise, counts calories, etc, etc, etc. I haven't gone the full spark yet with all the message boarding and stuff, but I use what I use. Wii fit and Wii sports and EA Sports Active are helping, along with Leslie Sansone and her bad ass walking. These are all good substitutes for when I just don't have the time to go to the gym.

There really is no better motivation, though, than seeing results. Two pairs of jeans I barely fit into now fit a little bit better. One pair of jeans that laughed at me when I tried to button them now look a little bit worried they might have to come out of retirement. And, as of today, I have lost 4 lbs! Happy Tuesday!


Lynette on March 2, 2010 at 5:51 AM said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, ma'am.

Move the treadmill into the living room by the TV and use it while you watch a show on TV. When I was in the military, I needed help with my push ups and I would do them during commericials when I watch TV.

Umm, maybe that's a hint for myself. Time to practice what I preach.


dyockman on March 2, 2010 at 7:58 AM said...

Great post Robin! I am so like you...activity on TV is great. Just don't make me participate. :-P Hhhmmm...where did I stash that stationary bike? Oh! In the office under a bunch of clothes. No wonder I haven't lost any weight since I bought it.

But Lynette, how do you do push ups with the laptop in your lap?

Kindle Vixen on March 2, 2010 at 8:03 AM said...

Great post Robin! :)

I am not organized either, tho i have great organizational ideas lMAO

Lynette on March 2, 2010 at 8:36 AM said...

Danielle. LOL. Yes, that's what I now do when I watch TV, have my laptop in front of me. I need to cut back on my computer useage too. Maybe a blog for that too, but wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? (smile)

Umm, Robin went to your fitness club's web-site. I hate you. It looks totally awesome. Do you go to the Spa after working out?

Melissa on March 2, 2010 at 10:01 AM said...

for anyone not currently at a gym...CURVES has a promotion going on right now for a free 7 day pass. I have always wanted to see what that was about, so I went today! Whew! It was good. I know I will feel it in the morning!

Trish on March 2, 2010 at 10:58 AM said...

Great post! Loved reading what your weaknesses are..sweets! And yay for your 4lb loss, that is awesome!

Pearl on March 2, 2010 at 11:40 AM said...

Lovely post Robin!!
I am so loving all your post. I just hope I can live up to all of them on Friday!

By the way I am a bit scarce these days. Nothing major but have some off line stuff to take care of and I'll be back in a few days. So no worries, I will not have fallen of the face of the earth...

robin on March 3, 2010 at 3:51 AM said...

Thanks guys! I, too, will be scarce a lot so I completely understand that. Work has suddenly become WORK and I really resent that. :)

No, Lynette, I haven't been to the Spa yet. I have a 10 dollar gift card, though, so it is only a matter of time! I hit the pool for the first time yesterday and fell in love with the place all over again.


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