Who am I? How did I get here? Where exactly is here? Here is Fat City. I not only live in Fat City but I am the mayor. (Yes, I have always been an overachiever when it is something I like!) Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago I was a dancer. I had a crazy metabolism and I danced like six hours a day six days a week. Now, I was never a stick thin girl. See, look at me in high school. The Mayor of Fat City has always had curves, cause real women do. ;) Then one day I wasn’t a dancer anymore. (Due to the extreme mental anguish this life changed cause we will breeze right past this section.)

Now, keep in mind, I grew up eating artificial sweetener, margarine, and drinking Diet Coke. My dad is a diabetic, so real sugar and butter were not part of my diet. When I quit dancing everything stayed ok for a while, but then I got older…and my sweet tooth got worse. Then holy hell I moved to New York City and OMG the food there is incredible, and incredibly fattening. I discovered real butter, real sugar, a Starbucks habit (nearly $100/week at one point), and fell in love with a NY Italian. If you weren’t sure that means I began to eat boat loads of pasta in between runs to, and deliveries from the local diner.
I have also taken up writing romance novels in my spare time, which means when I am not sitting at my desk at work, I am sitting at home with a computer in my lap. I’ve been married nearly ten years now and I realized I am the Mayor of Fat City. Crap! Well, now I gotta fix it, and that is no easy task. I have never been terribly disciplined…no really if I don’t like it I won’t do it. Always been that way, just ask my mom! Ha! I HATE exercise and the only thing I hate more than exercise is denying my self the food I love. But all that is going to change and I am going to start loosing some weight. 

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