Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wake up call

As you know, I've been trying to lose weight for the past 2 years. I've managed to drop 65 pounds, but I've hit a plateau with 40 more pounds to lose. It's mostly due to lack of time, motivation, and pain from the injuries I sustained during my time in the military. Lately, I've started eating right again and have lost a few more pounds (yay, me!) and have been encouraging PK to do the same. Since we've been together, he's gained a good 30-40 pounds, and it's not healthy. Since I'm trying to get healthy, I'd like him to do so as well. They say it's easier to get healthy and lose weight with a partner, right? Well, PK is of the mindset that since men lose weight faster than women do, he'll start losing weight when I have 20 pounds left to lose.

Personally, I think he's just trying to put off changing his eating habits and starting a workout plan, but that's just me.

Last Friday, I was in class when I saw that he was calling me. I ignored it, since he usually calls me at that time to ask me something like "did you pay this bill" or "can you bring me lunch" since he knows I get out of class at 10:30 on Fridays. Turns out, I should have answered it.

PK was having a "cardiac event". At the time, he thought it was a heart attack, and it's entirely possible that it was, since the doctors at the hospital didn't really tell us anything in the way of what actually happened. I asked for his Creatinine, Troponin I, and Troponin T levels multiple times, but they never gave them to me (PK was in the room and gave consent, so HIPAA wasn't a concern). Those specific proteins are what they look for when checking to see if a patient has actually had a heart attack - they go up when the heart muscle has been damaged after a myocardial infarction.

He spent the weekend in the hospital, and will have to undergo some more testing, but ultimately, PK is going to have to change some major things about his lifestyle. He needs to start exercising. He has to stop smoking. He needs to start eating healthy (even if it means eating "fake shit" like the whole wheat pasta that I love so much).

Losing weight isn't just about looking better and liking what you see in the mirror. It's about keeping yourself healthy and staying alive. It's about being there for your family in the long run. And I pray to God that PK paid attention to this wake up call as much as I did.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Hate Mornings.

 I really do hate them. I prefer to work nights, but the job isn't cooperating with that desire right now. I really hate mornings when I have to get up an hour earlier than normal to hit the gym before work, because after a 12 hour shift running my butt off in the ER, I will be too tired. LOL, but a benefit of going back to work in the ER is that I no longer have a sedentary job according to my online calorie counter.

Alas, I would love to spend those extra calories that I burn each day on a couple of chocolate eclairs from the bakery that I HAVE to drive past every morning on the way the place that keeps my paycheck, but I won't. I'll have two pieces of turkey sausage and hard boiled eggs.

Down 29 pounds and counting.

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