Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Update and A #Twitloss #Challenge Question

I am walking around in a daze today. Soon I will be passed out on my keyboard (not unlike my little furry friend - no it is not my cat). I am exhausted! I got up this morning and did 43minutes of TaeBo Sculpt with a 5lb weight. That's right I may not be able to lift my arms over my head to undress tonight, but I got down to business this morning. It seems I will be giving up the diet shakes again since they are giving me acid reflux, but I am doing okay. I was down to 205 on Monday when I weighed in and I hope to see that number continue to drop. I have worked out three days this week for a total of 83 minutes and 1294kcals burned. I try to track my calories eaten, but I am not going to's hard. Breakfast and lunch are easy, it's dinner that is so freaking painful. Well, here's hoping I can keep the forward momentum and see the lbs continue to drop least for a bit before I plateau.

As soon as MamaKitty is back we will be starting a new Twitloss many of you would be interested in joining in the fun? Leave a comment so we can see how much interest there might be.

Friday, July 22, 2011

losing weight on vacation

I'm leaving for Italy with PK today, and we'll be running around the country for two weeks. Primarily, we'll be staying in Tuscany in a villa my mother-in-law rented for us with a real live Italian chef that I'm dying to meet and praying will give me a few dozen recipes to bring home... hopefully in English, since my Italian is limited to things like "I'm lost" "Please translate this for me" "My name is MamaKitty, I am 28 years old, I am from the United States, where is the bathroom, and how is that restaurant?" I can say a few more things than that, but not bad for only having 2 months and an audio thing to learn, huh? :)

We'll be making our way to Rome, Venice, and Florence as well to sample the local flavors and, of course, so that I can go shopping. SO EXCITED!!

I know what you're thinking. I'm thinking it too.

"But MamaKitty. You're doing so well! Eating all those carbs is going to KILL your progress!" Well, you're probably right. So, what's my plan? I'm going to eat, of course. But I'm going to eat smart portions... or as smart as I can. And we're going to be doing a LOT of walking while we're there because we're not going to be renting a car and the hotels we're going to be staying in are so close to the attractions that we want to see (namely: the Colosseum) that we're jut going to walk everywhere.

Weight as of this morning: 186.6 LBS. Woot!

Health update - You might have seen on Twitter yesterday that I had a bit of an issue and had to go to the Emergency Room. Yes, it's true. I did. I was wrangling the animals to put in their travel cages and the asshole bird attacked me. She bit into the inside of my thumb several times and caused some nerve damage. I don't know how significant that damage is yet - I have to see a hand surgeon when I get back from my trip. That should be super. I can't feel the tip of my thumb, but from about the middle, down is throbbing ALL THE TIME, and in so much pain I sort of want to puke constantly. PK said we're gonna sell the bird when we get back. If we don't, I'm sticking her in the oven and setting it on broil.

The picture below is obviously not my hand. That'd be gross (no really, it would be - when I say it's shredded, I'm not kidding). The arrow is pointing to where she grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I dunno...

Well, I'm here and blogging today because I feel like I should even though I don't feel like I wanna. Mostly because I don't want to veer down the pity path I feel myself heading toward. Mostly cause that means I will just get depressed and well, ya know. Eat something I shouldn't.

Anyhoo, I have worked out twice this week and plan to again tomorrow morning. I have been doing okay in the food department, with a slip on Tuesday cause DH wanted hot wings before his procedure on Friday. (Nothing dramatic, just a colonoscopy, heh.) That said I am still tipping in at 210, yeppers. So, I'll keep at it, but I don't see it helping. Sigh. DH was really sweet last night, he claimed he could see a difference already from the workouts. Yeah, thanks for lying sweetness, but I'm not that stupid. The blond hair, it is dyed.

So, I suppose I will stop here before I cause anyone to feel the need to hurl themselves into a fridge full of cupcakes to try and feel better. (Mostly myself.) Hope everyone is doing well, and if you have a success to share please do. Might as well enjoy someone else's if I can't enjoy my own.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The #Twitloss #Challenge is Over...

and it was a dismal failure for me. Sigh. I gained weight and lost a whole 1/2" on my thigh...which Iam pretty sure happened because I fail at anything math related. So...who do I send my $5 GC to? :D I am still plugging away at this effort having worked out for 23min Tues, Wed, and Today. Think I'll sleep in tomorrow and try for a 43min workout on Saturday or Sunday. Hope everyone is doing well.

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