Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

Tell you all about it when I've got the time....

Aladdin is, far and away, my favorite Disney flick. What's yours?

This week was a success and I'm going to say that it was because I committed to posting that info on my page. It doesn't matter if anyone looked at it, it only matters that there was some sort of accountability. I can say I actually THOUGHT about whether or not I was going to eat that brownie (today, I did) or work out (yesterday, I did not). Yes, I can hold myself to the same accountability without posting it, but it never seems to work that way. If everyone did what they were supposed to do all the time.....well, you all know the answer to that.

Food: As I've already said, I ate the brownie today. It was damn good, too. :-) In general, I find myself eating far fewer calories at home than I do at work. I bring the lunch luggage with me everyday and there are enough snacks in there to feed a small army. Most days, I don't eat them all and that is still more than I eat on the weekends. Maybe I'm busier at home, not sitting behind a desk waiting until the next "snack time." Who knows. If I could find a way to get through the work day without feeling like my insides are gnawing themselves to death from starvation, I would be much farther along than I am.

Exercise: I really hate it beforehand and love it afterwards. Thinking about doing it makes me want to go back to sleep. Or crawl into bed and read a book. Or watch tv. Or poke my eye out with staples. Or.....well, you know. Afterwards, it's awesome! I'm so glad I did it. Or, I'm so glad it's OVER that it feels like I'm glad I did it. I need to try and get that feeling BEFORE. I signed up for Salsa which starts this Thursday. I love salsa music, so at least this will be fun! If I don't appear on Friday, it's because they killed me. At least I died shaking my ass hips. :-)

So, this week I'm down almost 2lbs for a total of 10.2 since 2/23.

From January, the last time I was at the doctor, it is 14lbs! To me, it seems like that is an awfully long time with not much to show for it. We'll see if slow and steady really does win the damn race.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about exercise! Okay, not really. I hate it before and am glad it's over after. LOL! But 14lbs is great! Keep up the hard work. :)

Trish on March 31, 2010 at 5:43 AM said...

You go girl! WOOT WOOT! I ate cake on Monday, it was only one piece, but it was good!


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