Friday, March 26, 2010

The only way is up...or in our case DOWN

Starting Weight: 192 lbs
Goal Weight: 132 lbs
Last Time’s Weight: 186 lbs
This Time’s Weight: 178 lbs
This Time’s Loss: 6 lbs
Total Loss: 12 lbs
This Week’s Hours of Zumba: 2,0
Last Week’s Hours of Zumba: 0.0
Total Hours of Zumba: 4.5

This week’s post is a late and very brief one as I was occupied all day today with a road trip up north and due to failed planning I didn’t write my weekly post before I left on the trip.
As you can see in the numbers above this two-week period was a very good one, despite half the wrap I ate last week. I lost 6 lbs in these two weeks and that is a big motivation to keep up with the strict 0-calories diet. People in my environment still frown upon what I am doing.

“Why aren’t you eating?”
“Isn’t this a bit drastic?”
“What you are doing can’t be healthy, you should eat.”

Despite these questions and remarks regularly thrown at me, I know that this is something that is finally working for me. By the next weighing appointment with the acupuncturist I will be below 176 lbs and that is a weight I haven’t had in three years, despite diets, trying to eat less, trying to eat healthier, despite anything I have tried these past three years. And that alone motivates me.

Besides the motivation, I feel more energized than I’ve felt in many, many years and I know that once I reach my goal weight and I can go off the 0-calories I will NEVER again eat like I ate before. I do not need all the food, especially the junk, I used to eat to feel satisfied.

I am now going to crash into my bed for another busy day tomorrow and wish all my #twitloss buddies a week next week like the one I had this week!




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