Friday, June 25, 2010

Ugh. Fail.

With the start of school and summer, all my free time flew out the window. I have class in the middle of the day, so it kind of cuts into my gym time. I keep promising that I'm going to go first thing in the morning, and I swear that I will, but it seems like something always comes up. This week:
  • Monday - I can't remember.
  • Tuesday - Psych II exam
  • Wednesday - studying for Math & Film
  • Thursday - Math & Film exams
  • Friday - Monkey started puking before I even opened my eyes

So this week is utter fail. I ate crap on Monday and Tuesday and tried as best as I could to eat better Wednesday through today (Friday), but it's hard to do when you're waiting for payday and having to eat whatever happens to be in the pantry. I mostly stuck to turkey and chicken this week and ate lots of vegetables, so there's that at least.

I'm determined not to let this weekend be like last weekend. I will not eat pizza and be lazy. I will go swimming with Monkey and I will hit the gym when FH goes to rehearsal (they have daycare - why not utilize it?!).

I've gained 7 pounds back. I'm sure that it's mostly because it's nearing Girl Time, and most of it is water retention, but I can't fall back into old habits. So, I'm taking a page from Dara and I'm making promises to myself to treat my body better, to get back into the gym and stay there, and to get rid of the rest of the weight that's been plaguing me for the past five years.



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