Friday, June 4, 2010

An apology, an update and an announcement

First and foremost I want to apologize for not doing my weekly duty last week! There was some stuff going on in my off-line life that had me shaken up from Thursday till Saturday and I just wasn't up to writing a cheery blogpost so I skipped it all together. But I've put it behind me and am ready to give you guys an update and have a little announcement concerning temporary replacement during my vacation.

Starting Weight: 192 lbs
Goal Weight: 132 lbs
Last Time’s Weight: 166 lbs
This Time’s Weight: 163 lbs
This Time’s Loss: 3 lbs
Total Loss: 29 lbs
This Week’s Hours of Zumba: 1.0
Last Week’s Hours of Zumba: 2.5
Total Hours of Zumba: 10.5

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, the effects of the meds are still lingering because I am still behind on schedule but I really don't care because like a friend of mine said: schedules are only a guideline, every person is different and focusing on only the numbers on a scale isn't realistic. I take my motivation in the fact that:

  • my clothing is falling off my behind and I can wear clothes that were in the very back of my closet because they were too small and on the verge of being thrown away
  • my cleaning lady stands in awe every two weeks telling me how much I lost weight
  • friends tell me that the weight loss is really showing
  • I stand in front of the mirror and see my collar bones, which I haven't seen in I think 7 or 8 years
  • the bras I bought right after my reduction are fitting normally again instead of boob-flesh spilling over the cups
  • I once again have a waistline
  • in 14 weeks I've gone from size 18-20 to size 12-14
  • in 14 weeks I've worked out for 10+ hours in total and remember I HATE to work-out so I consider this something REALLY big.
  • in 14 weeks I've lost almost 30 lbs

My method of weight loss is controversial and not all people understand how I can live on just water, broth curds and vitamin supplements but for me it's working and I am persevering until I reach my goal and after that I will never eat again how I used to eat. I have become aware of what I used to put in my mouth day-in day-out and it is not necessary. I can live and thrive on less than half the amount of food I used to eat and I can control myself in times that are emotionally trying and in the past would give me an excuse to go on an eating-frenzy.
I am proud of myself and feel good about myself and that's something I hadn't felt in a long time. So for that alone I feel I've succeeded despite not having lost the amount I "should've lost by now.

And now on to something less self-reflecting stuff.

As some of you may know I am less about a week away from a vacation to the US. Going to Los Angeles to be precise. Hubby is going to a conference for work and as I am at home at the moment I decided to accompany him as going to the US has been a life-long dream of mine and couldn't pass up on this opportunity. The first week hubby will be working and I'll be getting to know LA a bit better on my own and going to do some sight-seeing stuff that I know hubby wouldn't like to do. After the first 5 days hubby will be done and we have a holiday-week together.

I know this vacation is going to test my ability to stick to my diet as much as possible but I've also  decided that I am not going to avoid food. I *will* try to stick to as little calories as possible and healthy food and am determined to not come back weighing more than before I left. Both hotels I'll be staying in have gyms so I am going to work-out like a mad-woman so I will at least compensate for any excessive food consumption. Will try to keep everyone posted via Twitter.

Because I have a very busy week coming up due to blogging stuff on my book-blog and preparations for this vacation and the vacation itself of course, I was thinking how I was going to manage the weekly posts here in the coming few weeks and it occurred to me I could have a guest poster who could temporarily fill in for me with blog posts on Fridays. And here's where the beloved Twitter comes in. I tweeted a request and within minutes I had a taker.

From June 11th until at least July 3rd the Friday post will be taken care of by none other than:

MamaKitty of Mama Kitty Reviews

I hope you guys give her a warm welcome next week and take good care of her while she's filling in for me!



Lynette on June 4, 2010 at 10:34 AM said...

Awesome and I'm so jealous that you'll be close and yet still so far away! Have a great trip! Miss you and yeah MamaKitty!

robin on June 4, 2010 at 10:34 AM said...

I am so PROUD OF YOU!!! I really hope you like LA, too. And at least you won't be leaving us altogether. I'll be following your updates on twitter. :-)

The Book Pimp Blogs on June 4, 2010 at 10:36 AM said...

What a great job you are doing you must feel so good. Wow! Sounds like your vacation to LA is going to be fantastic - have a blast!

Trish on June 4, 2010 at 10:50 AM said...

I'm so happy for you..congrats! What a wonderful milestone 30lbs! I hope you have a great in the states! I live way on the other side of them..Delaware! I will be thinking about you!

Mama Kitty on June 11, 2010 at 9:26 AM said...

Well, I suck for not commenting on this post before. I thought that I did, but apparently I'm dreaming about commenting because this isn't the first one I thought I commented on but didn't. Hey, I'm babbling. Boo.

Congratulations on all the milestones! I'd love to be in a 12/14 again! I'm still stuck between a 14 & a 16. Boo.

Have fun on your vacation, and be safe! I'll keep your blog safe & well-loved! ;)



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