Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's talk rewards....

First, my weekly stats are blah. I am up about 0.4 lbs this week... but I am also pretty sure I am about to start a certain monthly tradition so I am going with that as the cause. I did get to body pump, tho I missed my cardio. I will do better next week! My plan:

Body Pump: Tuesday & Friday
Cardio: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

I need to meal plan still, but thats my goal for tomorrow afternoon.

As I stick to this I have been thinking of rewards.... I mean we all need something to motivate us right? Some people are blessed with some magical internal drive that kicks their ass every day, I am not one of those people. If I had my choice, I would lounge around in my gigantic bed with nothing but my laptop and iphone, all day, every day. Oh and there would be sexy men with almost shaved heads, skull tattoos, and lickable hips serving me grapes and strawberries every day.

Since I can't do that... I need external motivation. My first step in that was getting my nose pierced and dying my hair any color I want.... I say motivation but really its about embracing what I want and agreeing I am good enough to have it. My long term reward for myself? A full back tattoo. I have a dolphin on my lower hip and a sun/moon hybrid thing on my upper shoulder, but I want something HUGE. I want to change the colors of my sun moon to be a bit darker and then a trailing tree of life/ethereal scene with fairies to represent my girls. I haven't fully imagined yet - all in black and gray and maybe a few jewel tones. It will be awesome (and expensive!) but I can't have it til I know I have gotten myself where I want to be, in life. So, I have pics saved to my hard drive to inspire me:

So, what rewards do you have planned for yourself?


notsopleasantlyplump on April 22, 2010 at 10:13 PM said...

When I first started the whole weightloss journey, I decided that when I dropped 10 pounds, I'd get my nose pierced. 10 more pounds, get a new (small) tattoo. 50 pounds, get my dark fae that I've been dying for inked on my right shoulder. I'm down 40 pounds, but I still haven't gotten my nose pierced or my small tat. Maybe it's time to do that.

Motivation is a funny thing... I don't really have it. In fact, the main reason I go to the gym is because I paid $600 for 15 sessions with Jose, and if I don't show, I still pay. I'm not big on wasting money. Believe me, I'd much rather be in my bed with my laptop (her name is Piper), my iPhone (her name is Phoebe), and my kindle (her name is Paige). And those shaved-head, tattooed men? *wiping the drool from my face* Yes please.

We just need to keep the end game in mind. We're gonna look and feel awesome. And we get the fuckawesome tattoos we've been dying for (I love the idea of the tree! SO PRETTY!)


robin on April 23, 2010 at 3:48 PM said...

I swear sometimes I think you people are my kindred spirits! MamaKitty, you named gadgets after the Charmed Ones!!! And all this talk of lickable hips is....anyway (whew!) not have. I've often thought once I reach my goal (which I haven't even set yet) I would get my belly button pierced. Do they have a piercing shop for people likely to wet their pants during the process? If so, I need to go there! I've said (for the past 10 years at least) I'd get a full length mirror when I get UNDER 200 (ack!) pounds. I am not there yet. Although, I'm closer than I've ever been before.....maybe I'll get that mirror yet.

Shiloh Walker on April 24, 2010 at 10:22 AM said...

My motivation-if I to the weight I want, which is now about 35 pounds away, I'm buying myself a brand new wardrobe.


And I wonder if the hubby realizes... it's on his dime. Ages ago, we made a bet if I ever got to a certain weight, he'd give me $1000.

*G* I'm now closer than I've ever been.


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