Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Right on Track? Maybe.

Really, this song sounds as good to me now as it did then. I have an addiction to the 80s that cannot be broken!

Happy Tuesday! I don't have much to report this week except that I'm going to try something new. Do you ever get bored with all of this? We've been doing this since March, right? Feb? I can't remember. At any rate, it's all starting to get a bit same old same for me. Yeah, I've lost 24.2 lbs, but looking at that number (which hasn't moved in awhile) is even boring to me now. I can tell because I've started slacking. Slacking off on exercise....slacking on the food recording.....yeah. Not good. So, time for a "mini" challenge. And, lucky me, I have a time frame all set. Bar exam results are due back on October 1, so that seems like a perfect window of time to do something worthwhile. So, instead of my usual ticker, I made a new one to see how much weight I can lose between now and then. Maybe I'll get to 31 lbs, and maybe not. But, I do love a challenge! Who would like to take the Bar Results Challenge with me?



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