Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Juiced!

So I found myself transfixed by the Montel Living Healthy infomercial over the weekend. I was completely sucked in and I wanted that stupid machine. Of course my DH was trying to make a grocery list and plan our annual camp trip with me while I half listened and lusted over a juicer. Why you might ask? I dunno. Why do we fixate on anything? *shrugs*

For some reason I have now decided that juicing is the answer for me. Ha! Well, we will see if I can even buy a machine first. That leads to the next natural step. I want something....I go internet shopping! Wwwhheee!!!

First stop. I love them to find stuff and see what people are saying. And boy are people saying things about this little gadget...none of it is good. Generally speaking the Living Well Health Master is getting a lot of bad reviews. The motor seems to burn out quite easily. The cup leaks. The lid is hard to close. The list goes on and on. Okay, Montel is not selling a quality product. I'm shocked, but I move on.

Next stop, I think well let's go old school. Jack LaLane. Who? Jack LaLane is a health and fitness guru who may just be older than dirt. I'm just sayin', it's possible. I mean he has been around forevah! Check him out in all his hunky masculine glory...yeah he had a nice bod back in the day. Now he peddles juicers for those who want to be fit. Wait...that's me! Yep, so I said well let's see what's what with his equipment. (Alright you dirty girls! I know what you're thinking. I am talking about the man's juicer.)

His juicer has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Nice. What does that mean?
WE PROMISE This is Good Housekeeping's LIMITED WARRANTY: If any product that bears our Seal or is advertised in this issue* (with certain exceptions described below) proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer by an authorized retailer, we, Good Housekeeping, will replace the product or refund the purchase price.
Cool! So now I need to see what this thing can do. I am looking at the Pro model for my research, but there are other models that are a little cheaper you can consider. It is dishwasher safe...good cause I am a lazy girl when it comes to housework. It has a big pulp collector. Check. Chute accommodates most fruits and veggies. Lifetime warranty on motor. (You can see this is all very scientific, right?) to Amazon again to check it out. It has mixed reviews. But I like the Good Housekeeping endorsement, so I think if I am going to go for the juicing thing it will be with this one. I will let you know if that happens, it may be a while as it is not exactly cheap, but I hope to acquire one soon.

My question to you is: Do you juice? Have you thought about it?

A quick update:









Exercise Type

Light Walking

Light Walking




Light Walking
Billy Blanks Turbo Charged Fat Burner

Light Walking






Also, my weight tracker. It has gotten bad, but I am trying to wrestle it down again. Sigh.

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Lynette on August 18, 2010 at 10:08 AM said...

Great minds think a like. I got a juicer back in March and only used it a couple times. This weekend I went to the fruit and veggie stand and brought tons of stuff. I was going to start juicing again. I so wanted the Jack LaLane one but it was out of my price range, but the one I got has been working good for me!


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