Thursday, August 5, 2010

How much activity are you getting?

Just a quick update from me because... well I don't have a lot to say, for once! I've spent the last two weeks really pushing my activity level... this last week I did body pump 3 times, followed by cardio... and then did cardio on the off days. I ached. A lot.

This week I took it a bit easier and now am very close to slacking.... must get to the gym tonight for body pump again.

So what did all these hours of working out do for me?  2 lbs ... thats it. 2 lbs. *sigh* My body tends to do strange things where I lose a bunch and then nothing so I am trying not to be discouraged yet... but.. it's hard.

All in all, I easily logged 8+ hours of sweating the other week.... how many do you get or aim to get in any given week?



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