Monday, August 2, 2010

Being Back in the Saddle Again HURTS!

Okay. If you haven't noticed I've been slacking. I got tired of being such a lazy a—, especially when my doctor has been telling me that I need to exercise and watch what I'm eating. So, I decided to jump back in the saddle again.

Going to the gym wasn't working. It's been hard for me with working full-time, family, etc it was hard for me to get to the gym. Something always seemed to come up. So, I decided to go back to doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I used it before and liked it. The exercises seem to be a twist on high school gym stuff, but seem effectively. At least for me, I've been feeling the burn. 30 Day Shred has 3 exercise levels. Ideally once you get comfortable with one level you're supposed to progress to the next. I really like utilizing 30 Day Shred because it takes less than thirty minutes from the time you press start on the DVD.

Here's the notes I've made throughout the week on my progress:

Tuesday - Day 1 - Level 1:
I don't remember the exercises being this hard. WTF. My endurance sucks.

Wednesday – Day 2 – Level 1:
Didn't work out. Sore as heck, but at least my knees don't hurt.

Thursday – Day 3 – Level 1:
WTF. This hurts. I didn't do so bad when I started last time. My thighs are killing me. I feel like an old woman or someone who has just got . . . (never mind)

Friday – Day 4 – Level 1:
I don't remember Level 1 being so hard. I'm out of shape and I gained back a lot of the weight that I had lost. My knee hurt for the first time while I was doing the program but I think I was in the wrong position. This is the first day I haven't been interrupted by the kiddos while I'd been working out. It still burns but I no longer walk like an old woman.

Saturday – Day 5 – Level 1:
Didn't work out.

Sunday – Day 6 – Level 1:
Didn't work out.

Monday – Day 7 – Level 1:
Endurance is up. Seems to be going faster though my knee hurt when I got to work this morning and used the stairs to go upstairs.

So I worked out for four days and when I went upstairs to weigh myself I weighed in at 148 pounds!



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