Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Progress and Random Ramblings.

I posted once before about my love of the Daily Burn iPhone app. I slacked for a long time, bouncing around from eating clean to back to weight watchers.... but I am back with Daily Burn. The truth is, it is the easiest to use and the online account is free if you are happy with the basic features. It has been upgraded and improved a great deal since I last talked about it so take a look. If you are like me and want even more features, they have Pro Lite and Pro plans that you can sign up for a small fee and even get a discount on.

Anyway, one of the things I like about my Pro account is the integration with iCal/google calendar. You can plan your meals, plan your workouts, add notes, etc. It also gives you a quick visual of your week. What my visual tells me? I'm not sure I'm eating enough considering the calories I burned last week. I need to work on that this week. Eating more, healthier foods.

I stepped on the scale briefly this morning to see I was only down 0.4 pounds this week. That seems entirely too little for as much as I worked out, sigh. Technically my weigh in day is tomorrow so I'm not recording until then. I also started a low hormone birth control pill and I'm concerned that will have an effect on my progress... I definitely am a moody moody girl this week.

To end this post on a good note. I remembered to take and record my measurements and did see some progress from last time I took them. Also, my triceps feel pretty kick ass this morning.

I've got a stressful week this week with exams and homework, wish me luck that I don't eat myself into a coma trying to avoid it.



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