Wednesday, July 7, 2010

not THAT much wiggle....

If you knew who did this song, you get a gold star! I could barely remember the refrain.

Anyway, Happy Wednesday people! Yes, I know that it was supposed to be Happy Tuesday, but right about now I can barely remember what my name is, much less what day I'm supposed to post! But, I *DO* remember that I am supposed to post measurements this week instead of weight loss (or gain). Let me hit you with some numbers:

Chest: Starting 45 (really?!) Today: 42
Waist: Starting 46.75 Today: 38
Hips: Starting 47 Today: 42
Thigh: Starting 27 Today: 25

Okay, since I am a primarily lower body exerciser (walking, jogging, lower body strength training) WHY hasn't that thigh measurement decreased more than that?! What is really cool is that I can feel the line between the muscle and all that extra stuff that needs to go away. Sometimes, when I stand just right, the moon is in Venus, and I flex, I can actually SEE that line too.

That waist measurement is still out of control. OUT. OF. CONTROL. Less cupcakes, more.....gym. The ab strength is there, crunches are the only part of my gym health assessment that I kicked ass on in January. But, still.

We can't even talk about that chest measurement. Have I mentioned that they've ALREADY been reduced? Yes. They have. And, compared to what they used to be, they certainly look manageable now. But DAMN. :-)

So, overall, 18.5 inches lost. And the more important number, I had ZERO (0!) cupcakes this week.

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Seriously, no more than five minutes after I hit 'publish post', does this show up on Yahoo: 4 Reasons Diets Fail. It's all info you've heard before, but nice to hear it again. Don't expect miracles.....blah blah blah.



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