Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Weeks In...

Weight: 197
Exercise Hrs: 0
Calories for the week: 9,062k/9,600k

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Well, I am still nursing my leg back to health so I have a big fat 0 for my exercise. I of course have walked around work when required which did some light calorie burning, but I have done nothing that I am willing to claim as real exercise. I am hoping to get things started slowly this week. Maybe a walk or bike ride after work...very slowly!

Food-wise I have done pretty well. I must say I missed food! I was surprised at how nice it is to eat lunch and not just slurp it down in 30 seconds. I have stuck with soup and salad this week for lunch and quickie toast for breakfast because I am on a crazy schedule due to training.

The good news is, despite my lack of real exercise I have lost 3lbs! Woot! Woot! It feels good to see progress. It certainly makes the ban on alcohol worth it. I feel like that has made a difference. If I continue to see a decline in weight I may consider extending the ban...well, I'll talk that one over with DH since that would include Valentine's Day. :) Even if I don't extend it, I will be seriously curtailing any drinking and really avoiding the extra calories unless there is a good reason to have a drink.

I am not sure what the calories consumed metric is good for, except showing that I am staying on target. I'll see how that goes and decide if I really want to track it. has some great tools for you to use if you are trying to loose weight:

I think that is all there is to report for now. I will see you all next week, and remember to keep at it!



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