Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's A Good Thing...

This week was a good week! It was a good one for a couple of reasons. The one pertinent to this blog is, I lost weight! :D Having started out post medical issues at 205 (still not a typo), I am happy to report I am down FOUR FREAKING POUNDS!!!!

That's right, I am at 201. How'd I do it? Hard work. No seriously, like jailhouse type stuff. See, we are ripping up our 2200 sq ft pool deck and replacing it with a newly poured deck. DH decided to save a chunk of change by doing it himself. It has been a slow process in need of some help, so first he dragged some buddies over, and then he dragged me out there.

That's right, my job was to fill the wheel barrow with rock and lug it to the driveway where the dumpster was...and then throw each piece of rock into it. I also spent an hour or so swinging a sledgehammer to help break up the deck. The result was good, but hello can you say HURT?
How about y'all? Any progress this week? Come celebrate your triumphs, big or small, with me!



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