Thursday, June 9, 2011

Consider It Brought - 2011 Twitloss Challenge

So you may detect a theme here... I'm just sayin' a little smack talk never hurt anyone. ;) By now you are all aware of our 2011 Twitloss Challenge, if not click here. I must say it comes at a seriously inconvenient time for me, what with my annual camp trip coming this weekend; but, I will find a way to prevail. Seriously. So far this week, I did an hour of yoga on Monday and 43 minutes of Billy Blanks on Wednesday, as of this posting I am probably busy sweating my but off to Billy again. Foodwise I am doing okay...there is always room for improvement and I plan to hit the diet part hard next week...right after the camp trip. LOL! Anyhoo! In the mean time I will workout and talk smack as often as possible. I am totally getting one of those cheerleader outfits once I lose all this weight. *snicker* Just for the DH. *Wink*

I started at 204 for the challenge and am hoping to get that down even a little bit. I also took my measures...and well that wasn't pretty either. Like my SparkPeople profile says: I have writers butt and I need to get rid of it.

How about you bee-otches? How's it going so far? Who is dying and who is cruising? Don't be scared to come talk some smack with me. LOL!



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