Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shimmy Shimmy Shake!

I have been trying to spice up my workouts...give Billy Blanks a little twist. I have been adding in a belly dancing workout from FitTV called Shimmy. OMG! This is so much fun.

"For thousands of years women from the cradle of civilization have maintained their beauty and explored their sensuality with the ancient practice of belly dance."

I mean it just sounds exotic. :) I have enjoyed the change up to my normal routine, and DH got a big surprise when we went to a hookah lounge and I jumped up with the belly dancer and shook it. That was awesome! Check it out...

So, curious about this? Well, here are the top ten Shimmy moves:

Cut Turn:

The Cut Turn is the signature move of belly dance. It's a traveling step that allows the dancer to move confidently through the audience. The hip powers the body in a teasing flit around a central pivot in time to the music. Arms add accents and grace to this powerful movement. Episodes 101, 108, 114

Snake Arms:
This slithering arm movement represents the power, mysticism, and symbolism of belly dancing. It is a reverse sequential movement similar to "the wave" in break-dancing that strengthens and tones the arms and shoulder muscles. Episodes 103, 109, 125

Shoulder Shimmy
A classic move in belly dance, this simple, flirty, shoulder gesture is also common in many other forms of dance. Shoulders move back and forth in opposition, shaking all the special upper body parts. Episodes 101, 108, 114

Cabaret Shimmy:
The shimmy is a standard expression of all belly dance forms. In this Egyptian cabaret variation, the knees move back and forth quickly in opposition giving a side to side shake of the hip—this move is particularly stunning when performed in full costume. Episodes 105, 115, 124

This is a sharp, ballistic style of movement that gives a burst of energy to the typically smooth, sensual nature of belly dance. The precise isolation of the hip joint will be sure grab the attention of the audience. Episodes 103, 109, 120, 125

3/4 Shimmy:
Definitely one of the more difficult moves, but a must learn for all belly dancers. Hips take turns moving up and down - motioning to the side in a traveling step or in place to catch the rhythm and emotion of the music. Episodes 103, 119

Chest Camel:
This is a chest circle that scoops the chest forward then back. It engages and strengthens the chest and upper back muscles. Episodes 104, 115, 118, 122 (with a variation—120, 123)

Hip Circle:
One of the most sultry moves in belly dance; this hip isolation exudes sensuality while toning abs, hips and glutes. Episodes 102, 107, 111, 117 (with a variation—108)

A standard in many Eastern dances, the head slides from one side to the other; the critical part is keeping the chin parallel to the ground. This will add exoticism to any dance routine. Episodes 102, 107, 111, 117 (with a variation—116)

In this movement, hips come up, out, and down creating an outward circle with the hips. A very challenging move that will leave your audience wondering "how does she move like that?" Episodes 110, 124

What do you do to change up your routine? To keep things interesting? Anyone gonna try Shimmy now?


Trish on October 20, 2010 at 9:31 AM said...

I have tried to do Shimmy because I have Fit TV as well and my hips just won't move like that LOL! It's a sight, trust me.

I have changed up my work out routine and started running. I started C25K last month and I hate it, but this big bootie is running!

Dara Young on October 20, 2010 at 11:27 AM said...

Good for you Trish! It is good to switch it up, not just for your body, but for your head too. I get sooo bored doing the same thing day in and day is de-motivating. Maybe one day I will post a video of me Shimmying LOL!

Mama Kitty on October 20, 2010 at 6:18 PM said...

OMG that looks like fun!! I'm gonna have to try it!


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