Monday, January 9, 2012

What do you want from your life and how are you getting it?

We all know that weight loss is never just about the weight. Excess weight undoubtably comes with bad habits and poor choices, likely stemming from issues that none of us really want to face.

But, what if you did face them? What do you have to lose? What if you sat down and made a list of the things you wanted in your life and how you were to achieve them? Maybe the better question to ask is.... what if you don't do that? What are the chances that in 6 months you won't regret that you are still in the same situation or maybe worst? I imagine the chance of you regretting having made that list is much smaller than not, so go on. Do it.

Ask yourself what you want and how you can get it. Write it down and post it where you can see it.
Now make it happen.

I am certainly not perfect. I've had my fair share of slip ups, setbacks, and outright fails on this 2+ year journey toward better health and happiness. Yet, not once have I regretted making the decision that it was time to make my life my own.

What that means for you is likely entirely different than what that means for me. For me it meant finding self confidence, accepting my faults, accepting my needs, and acknowledging that I deserved better than I had. It means pushing myself harder. It means making myself uncomfortable at times in the name of getting what I want and fixing what's wrong. It means patience and finding a peace with the fact that I don't always get what I want when I want it.

So this year, forget New Year's resolutions and instead look at the long term. What do you want and where are you going? How do you get what you want?

Me? I want health, strength, independence. I want to be bad ass. How am I getting there?
-- Weight lifting, it burns fat, builds muscle. I stepped out of the women's gym and into the squat racks and it felt amazing.
-- Eat primal, at least most of the time. Or at least sort of. Basically I'm limiting my grains and dairy.
-- Roller Derby. I've wanted to for a really long time and I kept putting it off. "I'm not strong enough, I can't skate well enough, I'm not skinny enough." To hell with all of that. I want to do it, I'm going to.
-- School. And more school. I've got 5 classes this semester and I'm looking forward to every one.
-- Travel. I have people I need to see, places I need to visit.

See this? This is progress. This is hard work. But still, this is just a number. Life is about more than a number. So yes, make yourself weight goals if you need, but make yourself life goals as well.

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In short, I'm leveling up my life. How about you? Will you join me? Or are you giving up already?



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