Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year... And stuff.

It's that time of year... When we all promise we're going to do better on losing weight by dusting off the elliptical (or in my case: moving the boxes that surround it so I don't accidentally kill myself trying to get to it) and eating better. I really do plan on doing these things, but I'm not calling them resolutions.

Why? Because calling them resolutions tends to make me ignore them easier. I'm not sure why but when that one little word is attached to my thought process, it goes out the window. I know, I'm crazy, but it's true. And it seems to be that way for most people as well, seeing as how so many people tend to make and break their New Year Resolutions.

So my lifestyle change that I implemented before the start of 2012 goes like this:

1. Eat better. I don't need to fill my body with all that crap that's only hurting my body anyway.

2. Be more active. Whether its walking or hopping on the elliptical, I need to get up off my ass and DO SOMETHING every once in a while. Arthritis hurts, but it hurts worse when you don't do anything.

3. Do my homework early and often. I'm bad at procrastinating. So, when we cover a new unit in class, I'm going to come home and do the damn flash cards and read the damn chapter. This way I'm doing 30 minutes of work a night instead of 4 hours.

4. Stay on top of all my blogs!! I may be a well-known procrastinator but it's not actually a good thing. Being 20+ reviews behind is BAD.

So there you have it. Be more healthy. Be less lame (and be more punctual... or something, lol).

Happy New Year!!



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