Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thwarted, Again.


Left ankle is still nagging me. I've been pushing through, but yesterday it called it quits. No more working out for a few days and no more high heels. *sniff* Now I'm hoping with a few days rest I won't completely undo everything I accomplished...except I had a day full of fail yesterday. I gave blood (that's a win) then proceded to sample EVERYTHING in the freaking cantina (post donation snack bar)--at least once, some things twice. Then went home and had a couple beers...did I mention how badly I fell off the wagon? Then I went to Jack In The Box--wait for it--at 10:30pm. Sigh. Today, despite no exercise, I am aiming to keep my food intake healthy. Hopefully I can rein in my stomach. :-/  



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