Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Week in Twitloss History...

LOL! I got nothing. But hey you're here and reading. ;) This week has been a pretty good week, I have moved away from the diet shakes and integrated actual food into my day to day diet! Yay! This also has led to a reduction in the acid reflux for me. I have had two really good days with no need for Tums. :)  In addition, I have worked out three days so far and intend to work out tomorrow morning again plus one weekend day for a total of five days of exercise totaling about 4hrs this week. That's right people! And am I motivated to do this? Hell yes! I got on the scale today and am down almost 5lbs from the high number I refused to actually record on SparkPeople. (Shame--I had it.) So I am stoked that I am now under 205! Woot! Woot! I am just hoping this isn't one of those wild fluctuations I get. So, I am eating healthy and working out consistently. I feel better when I am working out, I am starting to realize. Duh. And the DH has even commented that he can see a difference. More than that he's been handsy the good way. ;)  

So come on tell me about one of your successes of late? I love celebrating with others!



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