Monday, April 11, 2011

Repeat after me.....It's just a number.

 If you follow me on twitter you know that I have been whining and moaning for the last 3 weeks about being "stuck". The scale isn't moving as fast as I would like it to considering this is the longest and most dedicated I have been in months. My daily burn calendars:

Admittedly, in my frustration this week I haven't been tracking food tho I think I've been pretty close to target each day. I'm burning calories like a crazy person. I've made the gym a regular habit that brings me a brief bit of calm during my day and most days I look forward to it. Or at least I do once I'm in my car and on the way there.

All of that and how much have I lost over the last three weeks? 3 lbs. And I think the last half pound of that is thanks to the fact that I spent Saturday sick and throwing up. Oh and I was peeing like a pregnant woman this woman.

In spite of my annoyingly frustrating whines, my friends have been supportive and keep reminding me ... "be easy on yourself, your body is changing, we can see it even if you can't." I've nodded and gone along with it, secretly analyzing everything I am doing and second guessing myself. Am I eating enough? Am I eating too much? Is my heart rate too high when I work out? Do I need more weights?  Is it my thyroid? Maybe I really need to suck it up and find meds. Or maybe its the birth control? Its been years since I've been on the pill, surely its delaying my progress.

Truth is, none of that should matter because it isn't about the number on the scale. Or it isn't supposed to be. This is supposed to be about my health. This is supposed to be about how I fit in my clothes and how I feel about myself. A number on the scale doesn't define me and I need to stop allowing myself to fall into that trap. Yes, its a visual marker as to where I am in this journey, but it doesn't automatically equate with failure or success. I could stop eating all together and lose 30 pounds but I certainly wouldn't be any healthier. 

Am I getting to the gym regularly? yes. 
Am paying attention to what I consume? yes.
Am I letting emotions dictate what I eat and when? no.
Am I doing my best to make good choices? yes. 

Those are the markers to my success.

All of that said, this post isn't without some good news. My weight may not be changing but my measurements certainly are. I took them just about 2.5 weeks ago and again this morning.
  • waist ~ lost 1.5 inches
  • hips ~ lost 0.5 inch
  • abs ~ lost 1.5 inches
Maybe I just can't use a tape measure, but I think they are pretty accurate. The fact that I lost all my inches in my midsection gives me some hope I will get to keep some of the curves I actually don't mind. ;)

Now, someone remind me of this post if/when I'm complaining about the scale again next week? Thanks.

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Mama Kitty on April 12, 2011 at 11:13 AM said...

You should pay more attention to the tape measure than to the scale. The scale can be very deceiving because muscle is so much more dense than fat and the numbers on the scale routinely lie. I know it's frustrating, but you're still on track and you're doing it!


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