Thursday, July 21, 2011

I dunno...

Well, I'm here and blogging today because I feel like I should even though I don't feel like I wanna. Mostly because I don't want to veer down the pity path I feel myself heading toward. Mostly cause that means I will just get depressed and well, ya know. Eat something I shouldn't.

Anyhoo, I have worked out twice this week and plan to again tomorrow morning. I have been doing okay in the food department, with a slip on Tuesday cause DH wanted hot wings before his procedure on Friday. (Nothing dramatic, just a colonoscopy, heh.) That said I am still tipping in at 210, yeppers. So, I'll keep at it, but I don't see it helping. Sigh. DH was really sweet last night, he claimed he could see a difference already from the workouts. Yeah, thanks for lying sweetness, but I'm not that stupid. The blond hair, it is dyed.

So, I suppose I will stop here before I cause anyone to feel the need to hurl themselves into a fridge full of cupcakes to try and feel better. (Mostly myself.) Hope everyone is doing well, and if you have a success to share please do. Might as well enjoy someone else's if I can't enjoy my own.



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