Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pass the Velcro Please!

Hi! I'm Dara Young, sometime Twitloss blogger and romance writer. You may remember me because I used to blog here weekly...not so much lately. Someone pass the Velcro please, I need to stick this time. :D So, here is where we stand (in case you missed it) I am 90% clear of the clot. *Happy Dance until overly winded because I am SO out of shape* That means I am off the meds and back to eating healthy.

Now, I will not say all is well, but I will say I am starting to pick up the pieces of the train-wreck that is my health. Here is where I stand:

Weight: 205lbs (no folks, that was not a typo)
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Blonde (that's right...I went blonde cause I can)
Boobs: lumpy (I have cysts, always have always will)
Skin: blotchy and prone to acne (apparently puberty is not over?)
Energy: What's that? Even when I sleep 9 hours I feel tired.
Migraines: Cyclical, but not totally connected to Aunt Flo
Temperament: Bitchy or on the verge of tears

There it health status. I think you get the general gist of things. I have complained about all of this to my doctors, but I am not seeing the response I would like so I am tackling this alone. I will go in to all of this more next time, but needless to say I feel like crap! That said I have not given up...ok, there are moments when I want to, but I talk myself down. Anyhoo, what I am happy to report is that this week I have done pretty well.

Monday I shimmied, belly danced, when I got home from work for about 40min, Wednesday I woke up early and did yoga for an hour, and then this morning I woke up and shimmied for 20min and did yoga for 20min for a total workout of 40min. Yay me! Now, if you subscribe to my husbands line of thinking you might be asking: But did you sweat? Well, no. But I see this weeks victories as being those of combating and winning against being sedentary. I am working up to actual sweat. LOL!

In all seriousness, I am easing in to activities again. I am hoping to start back up slowly with an "easy" Billy Blanks cardio routine once next week and then maybe twice the week after that. See, I don't want to hurt myself because I have never had to exercise with this much weight on me before. It's crazy! So, I feel like I have a plan of action, My eating is better, but not great...there is always room for improvement. In the end, if I can shed a pound (or two) a week for the next month or so, I will feel like I made some progress.

Goal: 1-2lbs of weight loss a week for a total of 5-10lbs lost by June 16th

I am sticking to short term goals for now, I recognize there is a bigger picture, but seriously, I don't have the bandwidth to do more than baby steps right now. As I have been gone, what have you all been up to? Any significant weight losses I should hear about? Got any goals you are working on? Talk to me!



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